Moi Je m’en Fous 0,75L White wine

Serving Suggestions: “Moi Je m’en Fous” of Malagouzia Variety is ideal for light dishes with seafood, poultry, pasta and salads, at 10-12° C.


Product Description

The “Malagousia” variety, which has deservedly won the title of the “queen” of Greek vineyards, when growing under the shadow of Agrafa, with the aura of Plastiras Lake dampening its roots, travels to another dimension. This white wine stands out for its delightful, fresh and full flavour combined with a merry, cheerful mood.


| “Thessaloniki International Competition” – Gold Medal

  “Mundus Vini” – Gold Medal

  “International Wine Challenge”  – Commended

| “Thessaloniki International Competition” – Gold Medal

  “Berliner Wine Trophy” – Gold Medal

| “Balkans International Wine Competition” – Gold Medal

  “Finger Lakes Wine Competition” – Silver Medal

  “Challenge Du Vin” – Silver Medal

  “Concours Mondial De Bruxelles” – Silver Medal

  “International Wine Competition” – Silver Medal